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Balaban Property

Following is a brief description by the owners of a forty-acre rural property in Seven Mile Creek Township, Juneau County, Wisconsin which is between Reedsburg and Mauston. It is currently for sale by owner. Please contact them directly for more information at


“We own about 40 acres in Seven Mile Creek Township, Juneau Co, WI. About a third of the land is formerly farmed and now in set aside. Another third is rich mesic oak woods. These woods are on sandstone bluffs and valleys, with the bluffs supporting a nice community of Hemlock. Attached is a species list, and not just one plant of each species, but tens of thousands of Dutchman’s for example. The last third is wetland that Big Creek flows through on its way to Redstone Lake. The wetland has Wood frogs, Carpenter frogs, Grey treefrogs, Midland brown snakes, and Phantom Craneflies, among others. The land is undeveloped. It is rural land with no easements, no management plan, no realtor. Have not had it appraised yet, but willing to do so.  A PDF of the plant inventory follows."


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